What is Please Share?

Please Share is a new service that your company has adopted to encourage employees (like you) to help share relevant news and announcements on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. For a 30-second overview, check out the video to the right.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Where do the share requests come from?
The share requests are created by a designated employee at your company. Approved messages are added to the Please Share web application and then sent to Slack.

What's the difference between the "Post to" and "Share on" buttons?
There are two ways to share content using Please Share – using "Post to" or "Share on" buttons.

The "Post to" buttons (i.e., Post to Twitter and Post to LinkedIn) are the default ways to share content. To use these options, you must sign into your Twitter and/or LinkedIn account(s) by selecting "Sign in to social accounts" from the menu that appears in every update. Upon doing so, you will be able to post updates to Twitter and/or LinkedIn in a few seconds directly from Slack.

The "Share on" buttons, which appear if you select the "Web share options" from the menu, take you directly to the Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn websites where you can easily share the content.

How do I connect my Facebook account to Please Share?
At this time, Please Share does not support signing in with Facebook. To share updates on Facebook, use the "Share on" button, which can be accessed from the menu icon that appears in every update.

How long does it take for shared updates to appear on Twitter or LinkedIn?
Typically, it just takes a few seconds.

What is pls.sh?
Pls.sh is a short domain used by Please Share for tracking purposes. Every link added to the Please Share web application is automatically shortened using a custom pls.sh link.

How do I contact support?
If you have additional questions, you can reach us via email at support@pleaseshare.co (not dot com).

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